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Running a business requires a steady cash flow for operations, day-to-day costs, inventory, equipment, real estate and development. All of that requires a lot of planning! We can help.

Our commercial lending experts can help you choose between our many financing options to get you the funds required to run your organization. Our quick approval process will get you the answers you need to get back to business.

Ask us about these business loan products:


Lines of Credit

Fast approval and easy access to funds are just a couple of the benefits of a business line of credit. We offer flexible credit lines with repayment terms dependent on use. This is a useful short-term option to allow your business to maintain consistent cash flow habits and obtain working capital for necessary purchases or expenses.

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Letters of Credit

The global economy may involve doing business with creditors, wholesalers, or service providers you don’t know well or with whom you have no established reputation. Having a letter of credit in place can provide the recipient of the letter with peace of mind when conducting business with your company, and is an integral element of negotiation with a potential partner.

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Equipment Loans and Leases

It’s very probable that your business will need equipment of some form. Our expert financing solutions can help you own or lease new or used equipment.

Easy application, fast response, competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms are just some of the benefits of our options for equipment acquisition.

A loan allows you to get your equipment immediately and preserve working capital for other purposes, like operating expenses or inventory costs.

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Agricultural Loans

Dealing with the expenses and costs to run an agricultural business often involves financing various aspects of your efforts. Our agricultural loan products can help you fund production expenses related to farming operations and day-to-day costs, real estate or equipment purchases. We offer convenient terms, including monthly, quarterly and annual payments, easy application and quick response to help you get the financing you need fast.

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Construction and Development Loans

Loans for the construction of commercial projects, such as new office buildings, retail centers, or multi-family units, and the development of infrastructure around them are available with flexible terms and excellent interest rates. We provide financing for experienced builders or business owners needing a new facility. Because we make decisions locally, we can customize and approve a loan package for you quickly.

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Real Estate Loans

Commercial real estate purchases can be complex. Financing them can be simple when you utilize our real estate loan products. Loans for purchase and refinance of owner-occupied commercial properties and investment properties are available with various flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates.

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Small Business (SBA) Loans

Operating a successful business depends on strategic planning. Proper planning involves obtaining financing that enables you to invest, grow, renovate and acquire all of the tools, property, and equipment as well as funding the operating expenses you need to succeed.

We offer multiple levels of financing through the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program. We help you choose and facilitate SBA loans with borrowing potential up to $5 million and with short or long terms, depending on your needs.

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Credit Cards

Track your expenses, manage your finances online and have easy access to funds for purchases, business travel and other needs with a business credit card.

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1031 Exchanges

Under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, you may qualify for deferment of capital gains taxes when you sell one property and reinvest those funds in a “like-kind” property.

As a Qualified Intermediary, we can help you navigate the process of establishing a qualified 1031 account and guide you successfully through the complicated transactions involved.

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