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Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is an important lesson for children to learn as early as possible. If your child understands the importance of budgeting, saving, giving and eventually investing money, they will...

Small Business Checking Account Basics

Small Business Checking Account Basics There is a lot that is involved when establishing a business. The seemingly endless to-do list of things that need to be done can tempt...

Workshops to Help Start and Grow Your Business

Local businesses and entrepreneurs are important to us. Our financial workshops and classes help guide you through the planning process and support you in starting or growing your business.

Online banking for the busy entrepreneur.

Transfer funds, pay bills and manage your business finances any way you want to!


Access your accounts and manage your finances online 24-7 from anywhere, plus pay your bills online.

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As a small business owner, I appreciate the value that First Fiat Private Bank provides. Their banking experts show a genuine interest in me and my business, always seeking to help solve my challenges to allow me to focus on what I do best.

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